Life’s a Beach

My fondest memories were going to the beach as a child. There is nothing more calming to me than relaxing with sand at my feet and a soft summer breeze. Swimming all day, the feeling of salt in your hair and sun kissed skin. Nothing says summer like a little R & R on the beach with your lounge chair and umbrella, building sandcastles and taking long walks on the beach.

Beach Day

Beach Day


Rest & Relaxation

Making Memories

Making Memories


Playing in the sand

And after a day at the beach coming back to a house where carefree living is a way of life with outdoor showers, sisal rugs, crisp cotton fabrics and cool color ways makes for a relaxing living. The mixture of texture and variation in hue sprinkled with nautical accents give a life to simple yet charming sea side home.

Sea Side Home

Sea Side Home

Nautical Living Room

Nautical Living Room


Cape Cod Family Room

Cape Cod Family Room

My patriotic heart beats red, white and blue

July fourth is around the corner and you know what that means- Saluting our Independence! Cooking, catching rays with family and friends and remembering all that has gotten us here. Showing off your red, white and blue isn’t just for the holiday, we’ve found some great pieces for outdoor entertaining all summer long.PatrioticPairings_JPEG

1. Rope Ice Bucket [Jonathan Adler] 2. American Cutting Board [Fish Eddy] 3. Red Cheese Knives [Bliss Home and Design] 4. Blue Glass [Gumps] 5. Red Pitcher [Gumps] 6. Water Dispenser [Terrain] 7. Blue Koman Plate [Dandelion SF] 8. Star Napkin Rings [Amazon] 9. Red Napkins [Zinc Door] 10.The BTC Old Fashion Cookbook [Anthropologie]

High Point Market


High Point Market is the largest home furnishings trade show in the world!!

We just returned back from a very fruitful and inspiring trip to High Point Market in North Carolina.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with High Point, it is the world’s largest home furnishings trade show.  Vendors from near and far gather twice a year to show their beautiful work, here are some of our favorite finds!!

A vignette at Hickory Chair by Alexa HamptonThis vignette by Alexa Hampton was simply stunning, love the depth of her color palette.

 Alexa was present in the showroom and it was such a pleasure chatting with her!

 How cute is this little chair! One of our favorites.  The scale, pattern, & detail were spot-on!

 Gorgeous, beaded pendants by Ro Sham Beaux

 Such a fun take on a library shelf.

 A sweet little vignette; love the tan & orange palette

 Celerie Kemble showing off some of her amazing pieces in a well-styled vignette.

One of our favorite art vendors, Natural Curiosities, takes their work with them to market!

As always, thank you for reading!!

Project Sneak Peak

Just received a few proofs back from a recent photo shoot with Eric Roth and couldn’t help but share a little preview of what’s to come!

LeBlanc Design - Bunk Room

This bunk room brings out the kid in all of us – roll out the trundle, break out the flashlight, and let’s have a sleepover!!

LeBlanc Design - Joe & Tiffany

A little impromptu portrait of Tiffany and Joe during the shoot.

Eric Roth

Here’s a view of what it looks like behind the scenes and Eric setting up the shot.

Can’t wait to share the rest, stay tuned – and thank you for reading!

The LeBlanc Design Team

Happy New Year!!

The LeBlanc Design Team would like to take a moment and wish you all a happy and healthy 2014!!

Thank you to our clients, colleagues, vendors, artisans, & friends for their continued support and patronage, we look forward to the year ahead!

Here are a few beautiful images to start your 2014 out on the right foot and maybe remind us all a bit of the simple beauty Winter brings. The Starn Brothers are identical twins who create art together and this is from their series “alleverythingthatisyou.” I find them so beautiful in their starkness and love the way they are presented.  Not sure about you, but I still feel like an awe-inspired, grade schooler whenever I stop and think about how each snowflake is truly unique! So with the New Year upon us, here’s to seeking out beauty everywhere and honoring the uniqueness of us all!


sno7_1020_blanketsno7_080_blanket sno6_054_blanketsnofall_3_4snofall_1_2 sno8_255

From Such Great Heights

As many designers know, no two project installations are quite the same.  Some require lots of travel, enormous amounts of scheduling, epic shopping trips, and well… then there are the ones that call for a crane, yup, you read right – a crane!
Titan Truck Picture
Designing homes in the Boston area is honestly such a treat.  Quaint, historic neighborhoods steeped in the origins of our country make for such a rich canvas, but with all the history, the challenge of moving modern day furniture, is a very real and tricky one.   This is when we call in the big guns!
Exterior with Craine
For anyone who has either lived or worked in a brownstone, you know exactly what I’m talking about – steep granite steps lead up to an even steeper, narrow hallway that twists and winds it’s way up, up, and away.  Bringing home groceries is a feat in itself, let alone moving in a sectional sofa!  I know this may look a bit extreme, but when faced with the options, going in through the window is actually the most simple and efficient.
Titan Moving made this high-wire act look like a walk in the park!  These guys definitely don’t have a fear of heights and know exactly what their doing.  I’m happy to report the install went off without a hitch.
Empty Crane
Here’s a little sneak peek of the project.
Brownstone Install 1
This was the first stage of the installation – window treatments and artwork didn’t get a ride on the crane, those items were brought up the good old-fashioned way!
Brownstone Living Room 1
Thank you again for reading! Feature – “Breezy Summer Bedrooms”

LeBlanc Design is pleased to announce we were just featured on in an article about “Breezy Summer Bedrooms.”  Cliffside Perch is one of our favorite projects and we are honored to be recognized in the company of such talent.

Thank you to Laura Gaskill for selecting us in your article!!

For those of our followers who are new to Houzz, we definitely recommend taking a few moments to familiarize yourselves with this site.  Houzz is filled with tons of great content and is one of largest online platforms for design & architecture.

You can view our Houzz profile here:


The LeBlanc Design Team

Bringing The Outdoors In

Image via Traditional Home

Spring is upon us and the embodied energy of the burgeoning buds is almost tangible. The armature of empty tree branches and the sallow earth, slowly but surely, sprout forth as if they have been holding beautiful little secrets all Winter.

For me it’s impossible to pick favorites; Spring and Fall always seem to tie in my book for best season – though I must say, the transformation our surroundings take from Winter to Spring never ceases to amaze.

Image via LeBlanc Design by Eric Roth

The excitement, beauty, and wonder of nature has been inspiring creative minds from the dawn of time; this is why I love to include greenery in almost every design. Whether it’s a potted orchid, fiddle leaf fig tree, grouping of succulents, or an inspired arrangement of cut flowers – there is always the room and need for a bit of nature.

Image By Amy Neunsinger Photography

By bringing the outside in, you are not only adding life and energy to your home, but live plants actually help to improve air quality.

Image via Real Simple Magazine

One of the easiest ways to achieve impact with house plants is by grouping them together.  Take a number of inexpensive plants and pot them in a variety of interesting containers.  By grouping them together you create interest – vary the height for a dynamic arrangement.  Also,  if one doesn’t fare so well, you can easily remove and replace as needed.

Image via Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Another simple way to finish off a space and add dynamic elements is just by simply strapping on your wellies, grabbing a pair of pruning shears, and heading out for a walk.  Clippings from blossoming trees, bushes, or plants can really make an impact in the right space.  Though they are not long term solutions this approach allows you to swap out seasonal elements and avoid the expense and commitment of larger potted varieties.

Image via LeBlanc Design by Eric Roth

Think outside the box when it comes to how you use greenery.  Above is an image of a custom built-in that was designed to separate a living room and home office.  The open design allows for the ocean view to peek through to the office without compromising storage or function.  By using a pair of orchids I was able to add an organic sculptural element to help counterbalance the linear elements of the shelving.

Winter White

There is something so pleasing about looking out over a blanket of freshly fallen snow. The way it softly covers the landscape and unifies all it touches is akin to the way a monochromatic palette can bring an eclectic mix of furniture & objects into balance. As designers, we are always searching for the common link and how each item speaks to the other.  Using white as the common denominator, always allows the harmonization of diverse lines and a variety of textures to sing.

Image Via Pintrest

The cleanliness of white always feels fresh and up to date.  It’s truly the color that never becomes passe.  If you are the type of person that is easily overwhelmed by all of the options out there and can’t seem to decide on a color palette, start with white. Use it as the base – it is after all the blending of all colors (this has always blown my mind) but seriously, white contains the wavelengths of all visible light, so for those of us who don’t want to decide, you can have it all!  With the base defined, you can decide if you want to add subdued accents (ie., light grays, taupes, or pastels) or perhaps saturated hues, the key is to keep the additional colors to a minimum.

Image Via

Mixing in black is also a no-brainer; it will be a forever classic combo.  If black feels a bit too harsh or formal, a smart option is to pick one color of your liking and use varying shades for a thoughtful, but easy look.  The subsequent effect is unifying and calming.  We all see the crazy bright pink sofas in design magazines and while they are perfect for some spaces and clients, to the majority of us, it’s much less intimidating to splurge on a neutral sofa.  If you yearn for bold design but lack the confidence, bring the color in through accessories – throws, trays, pillows, and objects d’art.  By the ease of strategic placement and the added confidence, your space will be far from flat.

Image Via Pintrest

Many benefits of white are:

  • Allows artwork or interesting objects to take center stage,
  • Natural textures are showcased (think sisal, leathers, greenery, pronounced wood grains, or richly veined stones)
  • The ability to mix and match styles with ease
  • Insert fun, colorful accessories for an easy pop
  • Cleanliness – worried about keeping white upholstery clean?  Used well-tailored slipcovers that can be removed and washed with ease. Always make sure to check that they can be laundered at home and try putting them back on while still a little damp.  This allows for much less struggling to recover the frame and the fabric will dry to the shape. You still may have a few wrinkles remove, but nothing the trusty steamer can’t take care of!

Image Via House Beautiful